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Friday, June 25, 2010

Worry, Worry, Worry...

First off I want to say congrats to all the new mommy's out there!!!!  My sister Tiffany had her beautiful baby boy Jeffery last night, and he is so adorable!! 7.55lbs and perfect as can be!! I think I'm in love and I've only seen a couple pictures :)  Also, my co-worker and neighbor had their perfect little girls (one was 6.6 lbs, the other was 9.4lbs!!!  What a difference 3 lbs can make in the size of babies!!)  I got to hold both of them, and they are just too precious!

So here's my dilemma...I am SO excited for everyone, but today my pregnancy hormones set in and with the ultrasound looming closer and closer, I am getting less excited and more anxious about it again.  I have been very positive about the whole thing for weeks now and believing that everything has to be okay because he's so active...but I went in to the last ultrasound thinking that everything was great and ended up with a less than positive ending to the appointment.  I want more than anything for the doctor to tell us that everything is okay, and that I will give birth to a perfectly healthy baby...I have seen three babies born in the past 48 hours that were born perfect in every way, and I just want that so bad for my little Adrian.  I just have to force myself to remain positive these next couple of days, but also not get my hopes up too much...I know that the diagnosis wasn't the difference between life or death, but I hope that the cysts haven't grown or if they have, that it has been a very small change and that the brain scan looks normal this time...so please, keep him in your prayers...we really have appreciated all of the prayers and support these past 8-9 weeks :)

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