"Every good and perfect gift is from above" ~ James 1:17

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

11 Months Old Today!!!

Almost an entire year has passed since our little boy was born!  He has grown by leaps and bounds and is learning how to do something new almost every day.  He loves giving hugs, and knows to give one when you tell him in English OR Spanish...smart smart boy!  He is getting into everything and is reaching stuff that used to be out of reach!  He likes talking all the time, and I'd really like to know the stories he's telling because they seem soooo interesting :) haha  We're still working on walking, but he's never really interested in walking around with me, just his grandmas.  He has started making his "M" sounds, and has even said mum and mom, but not specifically towards me..I know it's there, just got to practice a little more.  Oh and he's been smacking his lips together lately, it's the funniest thing (he started doing it just now).  He loves playing pat-a-cake, but you have to sing really fast because he likes to skip to the "roll it" "pat it" part :)  We go to the gymnastics place once a week (we're going to try and go twice a week) and its free for babies that aren't walking yet...once they start walking, then they graduate and must move on to actual classes (Gradee graduated last week).  Gradee loves all of the tumbling and gymnastics stuff, but Adrian is always more interested in throwing the ball around, so I don't think he'll continue with gymnastics once he starts walking, but its fun baby interaction at the moment.  I'm sure that soccer, baseball, or football is in his future :)

That's all for now!!  Picture time...


I'm changing his middle name to T.R.O.U.B.L.E lol

I have lots of bottom teeth pictures when he's smiling, so here's his top teeth haha

My sweet sweet boy

Monday, August 22, 2011

Celebrating 5 Years together!!

Five years ago today, after sitting in Manny's truck for probably an hour and 1/2 trying to say goodbye, but not wanting to leave yet (I was heading back to Reno at 9am) Manny finally worked up the courage to ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend (it was 2am by that point lol).  Of course I said yes (I had been dying for him to ask me already), and I knew that one day I would marry him.  He was and still is, everything I wanted in a friend, a partner, a father, and a spouse.  I had started falling in love with him and it was hard leaving that day since we had only technically begun our relationship, and I just wanted to spend time, much more time, with him.

Fast forward five years, and here we are today with our beautiful son, a lovely home, and a love that only keeps growing.  I love Brad Paisley's song; he sings:
"I thought I loved you then...
now you're my whole life,
now you're my whole world,
I just can't believe
the way I feel about you girl,
we'll look back someday,
in this moment that we're in,
and I'll look at you and say,
'and I thought I loved you then'."

It's definately true, and every year we celebrate I think I've said something like that.  I am so happy he is the one I get to spend the rest of my life with. 

Happy 5th Anniversary!  
I love you with all my heart! 

Cake from me to Manny & flowers from Manny to me :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

California!!! (Warning: Picture & Video overload) :)

It was so nice to be able to get out of Nevada for the weekend...the weather was great in California.  It was a little chilly at times, but it was so much better than the hot heat, and crazy humidity we've been having here.  We headed out Friday night and stayed at grandma & grandpa's house, then we took off Saturday morning to head to the park where Manny's Aunt & Uncle were throwing a birthday party for his cousin Saira, she turned 4 (I remember when she was still a little baby...time flies!)  So here's Adrian at the park...

Adrian walked all the way over to the playground with his Abuelita & cousin Saira :)
 So cute (blurry, but I thought it was too cute not to post)

 Adrian got to play on the bounce house for the first time (daddy had fun too) :)

 Manny and "the other woman" LOL...huge cinderella pinata

Adrian hates the grass so much on his hands that he won't leave the blanket...nice thing because we don't need a playpen to keep him contained then (for now) hahaha

 At about 5:30pm we left Saira's party & headed to Tiffany's surprise b-day party...Adrian got to play with his cousin Andrew for the first time and there were times that they startled each other...I don't think Andrew is used to little people crawling after him, and Adrian certainly isnt used to little people running/walking towards him...Its amazing that they're only 22 days apart!!
 Andrew giving Adrian kisses awww :)
 They both love balls...

 We spent the night again at grandma's house on saturday, then Sunday morning she made us a yummy breakfast, and we headed to Santa Monica around noon.  The weather was cool there, definately not bathingsuit weather, but it was still nice enough to walk around on the pier...

 We stopped at a restaurant at the end of the pier to have lunch...Manny tried to get Adrian to color...but all he wanted to do was eat the crayon
 So we got him some crackers to chew on instead...

And we even got our picture taken :)

 After lunch, we walked around the restaurant to see the view from the end of the pier...Adrian wasn't impressed hahaha
 So we started walking back to try & find the aquarium

It was a tiny little aquarium under the pier, but they had some sharks...
 and fish...

 ...and Adrian thought they were pretty cool :)

 they had jellyfish...
 and starfish...
 and this was a Lobster, thought to be 25 years old!!  it was huge!

 So while I'm looking at the anemonies & fish (pictured above) Manny says "It looks like there's placenta's in there...there's placentas"  & I thought he was being overly dramatic like always, so I just laughed and told him he was so random with the stuff he says...then I had a look for myself...
 They actually had live sharks growing in the tank!!!  In the picture above you can see the shark (red color) and yolk (round ball at bottom)...and he was swimming around in the sack...crazy!

 Once we had left the aquarium, the sun came out, so we walked out to the beach & Adrian got to play in the sand for a little :)  He liked it much better than grass :)

 We went back to the hotel for a little R&R...this was one of the nicest hotels I've sayed in, and would definately stay there again (www.sheratondelfina.com) ...some reviews people gave it on google were awful, so we were worried before we arrived, but it exceeded our expectations & I'm glad we stayed there

 View from our balcony...you can see the ocean :)

 Ready to head home!!
 Manny & Adrian waiting outside the hotel for our car...
 The price we must pay to keep little man happy...messy messy boy...LOL

That lasted only so long...luckily he fell to sleep about 10 mins after this picture \/ \/ \/ was taken :)

So that was our trip!  We had fun, and I can't wait to do something like that again...now that I've seen how much Adrian enjoyed the little aquarium, I would really like to take him to sea world :)  (plus, I've never been there & would love to go myself) :)

Hope you enoyed the pics & videos!