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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our family update and another birth announcement!!

So almost 2 months has passed since I blogged last. Everything is always go go go around here...I wonder when time will slow down? Haha
Since the last post, I have yet another congrats to shout out to my cousin Megan and her husband John. They welcomed their first baby into the world on Halloween, 5 weeks early!!! It was definitely unexpected,  but she was happy, healthy and as beautiful as can be. And super tiny at 5lbs 4oz!  They had been trying for quite a while to get pregnant and suffered a loss during that time as well, so her birth has been much anticipated.  She surprised us all and couldn't wait to meet her mommy and daddy sooner than expected.  What a sweet little trick and treat!   Welcome to the family Kathryn Roseann! You are so wonderful and so loved and I can't wait to meet you!!

Since my last post, Adrian finished his soccer season, and I'm so proud of how much he improved over the 2 months of playing.  For being the youngest member of the team, he did excellent. I think with a little more time and growth, he'll be able to grasp the concept of kicking the ball to his team's goal, and taking the ball from the other team instead of his own LOL  He just keeps growing bigger and amazes me every day with something new...his vocabulary gets clearer and expands all the time.  I am so excited (and nervous) for when he starts school.  I think that he will do so well, and I am so proud of the person he’s already becoming.  I often think of how he will be when he’s older, and I hope that he remains the loving, caring, and full of life person he is now.  When we go to the playground, he tends to be a bit shy, but then just gets right in there and plays with the kids as if he’s known them forever.  I’m sure he’ll make a lot of friends when he’s in school J  He makes me such a happy mommy.
Victor is now almost 10 months old!!  Only 2 more months to his 1st birthday!  I can’t believe it!  It feels as if it’s only been a couple months, yet at the same time, feels like he’s always been a part of our family.  He continues to grow a lot as well and when I weighed him the other day, the scale said 21.4lbs!!  Our big, little boy!  He is now scooting, not quite crawling around, more and exploring everything he can get his hands on.  He can pull himself up into a standing position very well now though…the scary stage is upon us!!  I’m not a fan of this stage because you can’t take your eye off of them for a second, but you have to let them figure things out as far as their balance goes.  I will be happy once he masters balance so that I don’t have to continuously tell Adrian to be careful around Victor.  He is still such a happy baby (well when he’s around his momma) and wake up in the morning every day with a smile.  He absolutely adores Adrian and I’m sure they’ll be the best of friends growing up.  One thing that he’s also learned recently is he raises his hand, as if to wave hi (been doing that for a few weeks), but now he actually moves his fingers in a waving manner…SO CUTE!
First Halloween!
9 Months Old!

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I want to give my thanks.  I am thankful for the health of my family and the blessings that have been added to our family this year (Victor, Rhylyn, Giovanni, and Kathryn). I'm thankful for my best friend, Manny.  He is the most hard working person that I know and I am grateful and appreciative of him every day.  Our kids are so lucky to have him for a father and I am SO excited that we are so close to our wedding because I can't imagine my life without him.  I can't wait to be Mrs. Pena!  I am thankful for our parents and grandparents...there have been some ups and downs regarding health issues, but everyone has generally been very healthy, and their love and support means everything to me.  My boys are so lucky to have grandparents like all of them, and to have so much love in their lives!  I am thankful for my sisters and their families.  I am so glad that we were all able to be together again (although it was too short), and I look forward to seeing everyone again.  I love that our friendship continues to grow even while being separated by hundreds of miles.  I am thankful for my cousins...I can truly say that you all have been my life-long friends and I am so thankful to be able to share experiences with you all (even being hundreds of miles away as well).  I am thankful for my aunts & uncles and that through technology, we can stay connected.  Last but not least, I am thankful for all of our friends and the fun times we have together (either in person, or just a phone conversation).
I wish I could thank everyone individually, but know that I love each and every one of you specially and am grateful to have each and every one of you in mine, Manny's and our kids' lives.  Thank you for all of your love, support and friendship!  Happy Thanksgiving!
Halloween Pictures:

The Boys: