"Every good and perfect gift is from above" ~ James 1:17

Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Months!!! say what?! ;)

Another month has flown by and both boys are growing like weeds! Victor is now 3 months old and still hovering around 14lbs, according to our home scale. He's fitting into 3-6month size clothes and has been wearing size 2 diapers for over a month! He pretty much went from newborn to size 2 in a couple weeks haha. Adrian was always so small (still is), so it's fun having a chunky little guy :)
Victor is still sleeping well at night, which is great considering that Adrian wakes up in the middle of the night yelling, hitting and crying at least 4-5days per week. This all started when we took away the pacifier (6 weeks ago) and I have no idea how to deal with it anymore...a couple weeks is understandable, but it's getting really ridiculous (and exhausting) now. I know that part of it is due to Victor being with us now and Adrian not being the center of attention anymore, but it's like he's completely lost his mind during those times and there's no reasoning with him. I suppose that he's also teething too so that doesn't help either. He used to have a lot of episodes like that during the day too, but that's getting better (except now he chooses to ignore me completely at times). Hopefully this passes soon. The good thing out of this is that he's been sleeping in his room more :)

Adrian's vocabulary and pronunciation is expanding and getting clearer every day. I have a few voice recordings of him on my phone, and its so cute to hear & fun to remember how he used to say things (ex. Peek-a-boo was "peety boo," Abuelo= ah bee dee, and Mando (armando)= DA!) It's amazing how quickly they catch onto the language & words (if only I could learn Spanish as easily). And speaking of speaking, Victor has been babbling more these days, especially the past couple days. It's so cute to see him try to form words & he gets such a serious look on his face. He is also smiling more, and he was even giggling the other day too! So adorable! We had gone to a friend's house and there was a simple picture on the wall of a fat chef that he kept staring at. So I started to lift him up and towards the picture & he thought that was so funny. I loved it! And the best part was that Manny got to witness this milestone along with me :)

Our two little blessings are wonderful (yet exhausting), and I can't think of what we'd do without them in our lives. The joy they bring and the ability to witness such rapid growth and development in such little people is amazing. We are so lucky & fortunate to have two healthy and bright little boys!

I love their smiles!!
Victor's beautiful quilt from Grandma Nita! :)

Victor's PJs say it all: Thank Heaven For Little Boys! (I write this as Adrian yells back at me because he's messing with something he shouldn't...oh boy!)