"Every good and perfect gift is from above" ~ James 1:17

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2 month update, a birth announcement & other happenings

Our baby has aged another month & has grown by leaps and bounds. His 2 month checkup was yesterday and he now weighs 12lbs 6oz and is 23 1/2 inches long! He is so good at nursing (although its a little tiring during the day how frequently he eats) and I'd have to say that I'm having an easier time this time producing than with Adrian, which I've heard that that is normal with 2nd babies. This month, Victor has started to coo and smile in response to being talked to. He gave a couple huge smiles for my neighbor's mom last night. It was so cute. He also rolled over for the first time as well, so that's exciting! He tries really hard to get his knees underneath him when he's doing tummy time, so we'll see if he starts crawling before Adrian did :) He certainly seems eager to want to get moving and go places already. When he's awake, he's very alert and curious...and he loves staring at things on the ceiling haha. He's still a pretty happy and calm baby, except in his carseat (Megan can vouch for that lol) and he sleeps very well at night. Now, I just have to work on me and I need to start laying him in the crib more because I'm already beginning to feel like our bed is shrinking.
Adrian is growing into quite the big boy and he has been binki free for 2 weeks now. It hasn't been easy, and I gave up for about 5 mins last week and gave it back to him. It had seemed that when I took it away, he lost his ability to cope with anything, so I had had enough screaming and crying that I gave it back to see if it'd calm him down. It didn't and he continued to yell & cry with it in his mouth. So I took it back & I know I need to deal with his tantrums another way. He rarely asks for it anymore, but it may be a couple more weeks until he completely stops asking. Potty training will be next, but I'm not in a rush since Victor still requires so much attention right now. Other than that, besides the meltdows, Adrian is doing really well and has an amazing vocabulary and comprehension. I think that because he has to understand 2 languages, it's really an advantage to him. I often wonder if Victor will be the same or if he will be slower to talk...only time will tell :) He is a very good brother to Victor and loves to hug him and give him kisses. I look forward to when Victor really starts interacting with him :)
 I have to say that I absolutely love my boys and I can't imagine my life without them, but life is definitely much more complicated with 2 kids as opposed to 1. There are days when I get everything accomplished that I planned on doing, and then there are days that no matter how hard I try, the boys go back and forth in needing me for something. I'm not a perfect mom, and I don't think anyone ever could be, but I'm pretty hard on myself at times because I feel like I should be doing more. I feel that it's important to spend quality time with both boys and housework can usually wait. The problem is is that Victor needs me so much right now that I don't get to spend as much quality time with Adrian as I'd like and that he'd like. I know it'll get better, but when your 2 1/2 year old tells you that he misses you (and he had just woken up from sleeping next to me), it breaks your heart and makes you feel like a horrible mom. This parenthood thing is certainly not easy with 2 kids. I'm not sure how people do it with more than 2, but they must have something extra special from the Lord to be able to handle all of them. One day at a time & little victories is how I get by these days.
Anyway, it's definitely much sweeter these days when I can get a break from the chaos, and when my sister asked me to go get pedicures on Wednesday, I gladly took her up on her offer. Well, little did I know that she surprised me with my cousin Megan who came all the way from Modesto! We had such a great time together and it was nice having someone that has so much experience with children (she's a teacher) because it could have been extra stressful if she hadn't. Adrian's meltdowns didn't phase her and she was actually a great help with him. I do not usually like surprises too much (because I'm a little bit of a control freak), but her being here was exactly what I needed. It was a really busy 4 days for us...we did the pedicures, went to the strip, went to the Springs Preserve, and even went wedding dress shopping for me. I found the perfect dress & even bought it. It was a lot of fun and a great break from being home so much. Victor had just about had it by Saturday though from being in his carseat and getting in and out of the car. Adrian was quite the trooper and for getting up early and going to bed late with maybe a 20-30 min nap some days, he did really well and he had a good time with "gayben" ...that's what he called Megan haha.
 Another exciting event that occurred on Friday, April 5th, was my cousin Barbara and her husband welcomed their beautiful daughter, Rhylyn Laurel, into the world. She weighed 6lbs 13oz and is 19inches long. She is perfect and they look like such a happy family of 4 now. I pray for health and happiness for the 4 of you & I'm excited to watch Cole & Rhylyn grow up together. We love you all! Congrats again on your newest bundle of joy!!
The fun continues this week because my dad and Annitta will be getting here on Friday and we'll be going to see Thomas the train on Saturday! I bet that we'll all have a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to them being here...its been awhile since they've visited us in NV :) My friend Stephanie is also in town with her new baby & husband as well. They flew in on Saturday night from Italy, and I got to meet little miss Veronica this morning! :)  She is so adorable and really liked Adrian.  She tried talking to him and was giving him huge smiles :)  I'm so glad they could stop by and visit a bit :)
 Here are a couple pictures from Easter as well :) Victor's 1st!!
This was my attempt at getting a picture of the boys together...some times things aren't perfect, but that's what makes the world not boring.  Adrian was trying to calm Victor down which I thought was so sweet and just shows what a good and caring brother he is :)
Well that's it for now...we need to get to the store :)  Thanks for reading! I know it was a lot, but blogging is a luxury these days (along with showers and a clean house) haha