"Every good and perfect gift is from above" ~ James 1:17

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Our babies are growing so fast! Today, Victor is 6 months old and next month, Adrian will be 3 years old!  Last month I didn't do a 5 month update for Victor since I was late on posting the 4 month update, so hopefully I can catch you up on all that's happened between then and now.
So, on Jun 30th, Victor was baptized (on the hottest day of the year), and we are so thankful for everyone that came to celebrate this special day with us.  At 5 months, I weighed him and he was 17.4 lbs...I weighed him just the other day and he is now 18lbs.  That's 2lbs heavier than Adrian was at this age and he is now wearing 9 month clothing! Funny thing too is that by this age, I was feeding Adrian more solid foods than I have with Victor, but that'll be changing soon ;)  He is such a happy baby and always greets us with a smile...he does have his moments of anger or sadness, but he is still a happy-go-lucky, easy-going baby.  He adores his big brother and thinks that he's hilarious.  His giggle is the cutest!  He is reaching for anything he can get his hands on now, especially toys and faces :)  And, he already has 2 teeth which came in 12 days apart (first on the 19th and second on the 30th of July).  He loves playing with his feet and is rolling front to back, back to front.  He hasn't started crawling around yet, but I'm not in a rush for that haha.  He seems to want to be mobile though because sometimes in his jumperoo he looks like he is trying to walk forward. I got him a walker the other day, but he's less than an inch too short to touch the ground, so for now, Adrian has been having fun pushing him around :)  He isn't the biggest fan of tummy time but I'm sure once he figures out how to move in more than just a circle, he'll be a handful like his brother ;)  Victor experienced his first fireworks and “swimming” in the pool in the past 2 months as well.

Things are much more busy with two little cuties to look after, but I SO enjoy the moments when the boys interact with each other and I look forward to when they can truly play with one another.

Adrian is such a good brother and he likes to give Victor hugs and always says things like, "Victor is my best friend ever" or "hi baby, hi Bicter! I think he likes me!" Hahaha In the beginning, I think Adrian was very jealous and he cried and screamed a lot, but he's gotten much better, especially at night.  He would kick and scream in his sleep and there was nothing we could do but let it pass. Sometimes it would go on for 30 mins or more!  Thank goodness that's over! He is growing taller and smarter every day.  I am amazed each time I hear him say new words or put together new sentences and thoughts he hadn't said before.  We need to work on numbers, letters, and colors, so I'm planning on buying things to make for activities to play with him.  School is still 2 years away, but I know it'll be here in no time, so I want to make sure he's prepared :)  We're still working on potty training too.  He goes pee all by himself & usually doesn't have any accidents.  But #2 has been a nightmare for me...I can't seem to catch him before he does it because I'm usually attending to Victor.  He went twice in the toilet last week FINALLY so I was able to praise and reward him, but I guess those aren't big enough incentives for him to tell me when he needs to go.  Hopefully we'll get this down soon because I'm so tired of changing his pull-ups.  There are a lot of things you miss when your kids get older, but that is one thing I'll never miss LOL  ***Update*** Right before I posted this, Adrian told me he needed to go, and he WENT ON THE TOILET!!  woo hoo (Oh the things that make me happy these days LOL)
Here are some quotes of things he says (just so I have a record for myself) ;)
"You cleaned the house? Oh, thank you mommy, you're such a good mommy."
"Dadda, this is such a nice work, dadda."
"Dadda, when you come home we can go get an icee, okay dadda?"
"Mommy, I dont feel so good. I'm hungry. My tummy made a noise, ike Monster Inc!"
"I'm so es-sited to go to Abuela's house!"
"Hi Gramma, you wanna play cars with me? Or bastick ball? Okay, we can play when you come to my house!"
"I yuve you, mommy."
"I don't ike it."
"I think Bicter ikes me!"
"No! Stop it mommy! I can do it myself!"
"Umm, I don't tink so."
"Umm, let me tink about that."
"I wanna make smoovies. It makes my tummy all better! Mmm delicious."
"No, not ike dis! Ike dis!!"

I guess I could go on forever, so I'll stop now haha

Another milestone coming up is Manny & my dating anniversary.  7 years ago manny asked me out, we went on our first dates and officially started dating on the 22nd of this month.  It's hard to believe that was 7 years ago...talk about time flying!  I'm so thankful to have met him and to have our beautiful family together.  It hasn't always been easy, but what relationship doesn't have its ups and downs?  In 9 months we'll officially be tying the knot and I'm so excited for that day! I refer to him as my husband at times already, but it'll feel so great to be saying it honestly :)  It's been a long time coming and I really look forward to celebrating our marriage with our close family and friends. 

I'm sure I missed a lot, but that's it for now.  Enjoy the pics & videos! And until next time, we love you!
FIVE Months
SIX Months
 Handsome x 2
Victor's first Fourth!
Fun at the park
Working those "sad face" muscles lol
Yummy carrots!
TWO new Teeth!
They're so silly :)

Victor chats with me before his nap:
Bouncing & laughing is what he does best :)