"Every good and perfect gift is from above" ~ James 1:17

Monday, January 30, 2012

You thought I forgot about this huh?...

You don't realize how busy life can get until your kid starts walking, and talking!  I'm blaiming that and procrastination on the reason why I havent written on here since Halloween!  Adrian is growing into quite the little boy.  He is so sweet and loving and gives kisses and hugs now on a regular basis.  I've watched my friend's almost one year old daughter a couple times this week, and he loves giving her her bottle (even though she holds it by herself) haha  Whenever he goes to the McDonald's play place with his Abuela, I am told that he is always giving the little girls hugs. (oh boy! It starts early LOL)   He signs "please" and says thank you whenever you give him something.  He does have a mean streak in him though lately and has been hitting things or me whenever he doesn't get his way...I am still trying to figure out the best way to stop this behavior before he starts hitting more people than just me. 

Adrian loves his crackers, cookies, chicken nuggets, and agua, all of which he can ask for by name :) He also is now saying "mama"  finally!! haha...His vocabulary also includes: up, down (still a work in progress though), all done, dadda, bye bye, binty (binky), baff (bath), pita boo (peek-a-boo) and hi teddy. He said his first short sentence last week too:  "bye bye dadda."  Too cute!

This little boy is always on the go now and loves playing with his trucks, trains, legos, and throwing & kicking balls.  I think that once he's old enough, he'll definately be signed up for soccer :)  The other day we went to the park and he was like a pro going down the slide (it was his first time doing it by himself)... (there's a video further down in this post).  I constantly have to keep an eye on him though because he's always getting into something or climbing on something...just this morning (and last night), he was cleaning out Teddy's water dish, and by cleaning out I mean spilling it out all over the floor and drenching himself in the process.  I love how animated he is though because he is a constant source of entertainment.  Especially when he dances haha...there's usually a "party in the back seat"  at least during one song each time we drive around town because a song he likes will come on on the radio, and he'll start bouncing up and down and waiving his arms around...so funny!

I am so amazed by how quickly kids learn things and how perceptive they are to things that you tell them.  I've never really been around a baby to see them learn while they grow and I find it so facinating, and sometimes I just sit and watch Adrian do things that I didn't necessarily teach him, but that he picked up on.  I can tell him to put his blocks in his train, his toys in the box and the legos in the bag, and he knows exactly what I'm telling him and exactly where those things belong.  I am so grateful that I have been blessed to be able to stay at home and observe all these things...I would hate to miss out on this time of learning and exploration :)

Adrian now has all 4  first molars, 4 top incisors, 4 bottom incisors and is currently working on his two top canines...one has popped through a little and the other one is almost there...which means his nose is running like a faucet.  But I'd rather take care of a runny nose then a fussy baby...he is such a good teether...Thank Goodness!!  haha

So I believe that's all for now...I'm sure there's stuff I've missed, but I will put those in another post at another time...I'm going to try and be better at keeping up with this blog again :)

And as always, I will close with some pictures:

Look at the difference one year can make!!

Driving around in his power wheel car from Santa

I'm going to apologize for this video because both my phone camera and regular camera were acting up that day, so it's a little jumpy and the sound is kinda off too:

My little race car driver parked his car in the garage

Running around in just a diaper is a rarity in our house, so I had to snap some pics :)

Nerdy boy (with filthy glasses)

My attempt at giving him a mohawk

16 Months old!!  Where has the time gone?

 Fun day at the park

Sliding on his own!!!

Love you all!!! Thanks for reading!