"Every good and perfect gift is from above" ~ James 1:17

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Updates and some fun pictures :)

Went and saw Margie today!  Baby is continuing to measure 2 cm ahead, so that is GREAT news!  Means that he is continuing to grow big and strong...heart rate of 146 bpm...he was pretty active and moving around right before she used the doppler on me.  My blood pressure is just fine, and my urine checks out just fine as well :)
Next visit will start the begining of the weekly visits!  Hooray!

I have been feeling so great these past couple of months, but now I am wearing down again...back ache, hip pain, pelvic pain, swolen feet, waking several times per night, frequent urination, double chin etc, etc...good thing I'm pregnant or else I'd swear there's something wrong with me lol

I am SO ready to meet my little man...BUT I am completely content as well waiting for him to come when he is ready (2 more weeks though and I'll be counting the days since 37 weeks is technically full term) :)

Here's a couple pictures I made...my progression picture (from when I found out until now) , and my "Mom vs. Me" picture (Mom at 35 weeks with me, and me at 35 weeks)
(If you click on the picture, it will open up bigger for you to view better)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Anniversary!!

Four years ago a simple question was asked and so began our story :)  Last night Manny and I celebrated our anniversary, and he surprised me with a limo!!!  I was so excited...I've never riden in one before, and it was such a fun experience :)  He also kept the dinner place a secret, and he took us to Paris :)  It was such a wonderful evening, and I really couldn't ask for more...I'm sure that this will be our last fancy dinner for awhile, and I'm glad that it was so special.
I truly feel that I am one of the luckiest people in the world because I met the man who completely captured my heart and we are truly meant for one another.  I know that we've had our ups and downs, and honestly, who hasn't...but that is what makes us stronger, and our relationship grow.  Adrian is going to have an awesome dad and will be/ is exponentially loved by us both...I am so happy that I get to raise my child with such a great, sweet, caring, honest, and down to earth guy. 
One more chapter in life closed...thousands more waiting to be lived :)

Our limo in front of Paris
The view from our table :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

34 Weeks!!!

How far along: 34 weeks today (going by 9/27 edd)
Weight gain: I don't want to talk about it...lol  umm 37lbs now I think
Stretch marks: I have one on my side about 1/2 an inch long, but I have been putting ointment on it and hopefully it will disappear once baby comes...
Symptoms: Fatigue...I am exhausted by the end of the day (I fell asleep at 8:30pm one day last week) lol...a little bit of swelling in my feet and yesterday some in my hands, so I'm trying to lower my sodium intake...
Sleep: Some nights are better than others...I've been doing a lot of tossing and turning lately...it's just really hard to get comfortable now (I would love to be able to sleep on my stomach again!!!) :)...the other day I discovered I have a spot on each elbow that looks like I have rug burns, and so I paid attention to how I was sleeping that night, and I have been using my elbows to help turn over and get up out of bed...I'm glad they don't hurt, but it was a strange discovery lol
Best Moment this Week: Weekend trip to Utah...it was so nice being able to get out of town and out of the heat...I was actually able to enjoy sitting outside without getting over-heated in 2 minutes :)  It was fun being with our friends who had their 1 month old, so I got to hold her a lot and see the ins and outs of a day in the life of a new mommy :)  It actually didn't look as exhausting as I thought, and pretty routine too...sleep, eat, burp, poop, change diaper, cuddle... :)
Food Cravings: Nothing...sorry, still boring!
Labor Signs: Just Braxton Hicks contractions (I assume)  maybe once or twice every other day
Belly Button in or out?: Still in!
Rings on or off?: Ring still on, although yesterday I thought I might not be able to wear it much longer...but since we were on vacation, I was snacking on chips and other yummy salty treats, so that didn't help...today my hands aren't really swolen, and I've been making sure to drink lots of water
Movement: Non-stop yesterday...guess he couldn't get comfortable with me moving around the cabin a lot, then holding Gradee and then the drive home...I love the movements, but more frequently he's been kicking areas where it hurts...I think he is kicking my left ovary, and that is pretty painful
Milestones: According to my pregnancy journal, it says that today is the last day of my 8th month...so technically I will be 9 months tomorrow woo hoo (FYI: pregnancy is actually 10 months)...We're getting so close to the end and I have been dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions...I have waited for this for so long, and sometimes it doesn't seem real...then other days I realize that it is really soon, and I need to finish "getting ready" eventhough there isn't really much left to do BUT wait...I need to pick up a couple items from the store like the boppy covers and some nursing stuff for me...we need to put together the stroller, car seat, bouncy chair...and we're pretty much set.

This is all so new and exciting, but I am still feeling overwhelmed with everything...the "nesting stage" has definately set in, and some days I feel so unprepared but then I try and think of things I need to finish, and come up with nothing...waiting is the hardest part for sure!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Shower for Adrian :)

So it's 3:20am the day after the baby shower, and I am having trouble getting back to sleep.  I can't help but feel overwhelmed with so many emotions right now...I am SO SO SO thankful for everyone that came yesterday...it was such a wonderful and special day, and I am so happy that everyone came to share this moment with Manny and I.  I want everyone to know how much I really do appreciate everything and hope everyone had a good time (minus the little ac situation) :)  Words or thank you cards cannot even begin to express how very very appreciative I am for everything!

I feel so relieved with all the great gifts we received, and it makes me feel so much more prepared...but at the same time, I think reality has really settled in, and I can't help but feel extremely nervous, excited, anxious, and happy all of a sudden at once.  I have been looking forward to this day my whole life, and now that it is almost here, I am frankly scared...I think it's a completely normal feeling, but nevertheless, it it keeping me from sleeping at the moment.  I hope that I can give my son the world because he truly deserves the best life possible...and that he grows up to be as kind, warm-hearted and hard-working as his daddy...that he loves his family as much as I love mine (and Manny his)...and I hope that he makes life-long friendships with great people as I have.

I can't believe that it is already August, and next month I will finally be meeting the little boy who has 100% captured my heart...although a little frightened at the moment, I think, in fact I know, that it will be the best moment in my life, and the single best thing I have and will ever do.

Thank you again everyone from the bottom of my heart.  I am truly blessed to have each and every one of you in my life.