"Every good and perfect gift is from above" ~ James 1:17

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Updates, Pumpkins & Halloween :)

 So I havent been able to get on here for awhile now because life is a little crazier now haha  I'm watching Gradee during the week, so having 2 one year olds kinda fills up the day...They have fun together, and I'm glad Adrian has a playmate during the day :)  Adrian is still not choosing to walk on his own, although we know he can, I think he's still a little scared.  He also had his first cold last week which was no fun at all, but we were able to control his fever and the doctor gave him an antibiotic which seems to be doing the trick...he still has a faucet nose, but I'll take that any day over fevers!  He is such a happy little guy and we adore him...he's just getting so big so fast!!  I have been looking at pictures of when he was a baby baby and he was so little...I miss his "littleness"  but I look forward every day to seeing what he will learn next!  Thats all for now...the kids are awake from their naps, so it's diaper changing and snack time...until next time!!!

Wearing a big boy hat just like dad!

Trouble makers!!
 They are so sweet!
 Playing in his new bounce pit!  Thanks Auntie Char!!

 Milk mustache & beard LOL
 One tired kid!
 Happy Boy!

 Look it's Handy Manny!!!  I mean Handy Adrian!

I had to post this because it shows how tiny he really is!!  My little man & his Auntie Kar Kar
 In the wheelbarrow
 Adrian the sheep
 Adrian the horse

 Adrian & his auntie being silly!
 Pumpkin carving time!!!

Is this mine? :)
 I'll help roll it over to you!
 I didn't do it!
 Okay maybe I did!

 LOL  pumpkin seed legs
Digging right in!
 Where's Adrian?

The aftermath...

The results...

 John's Cat
 Teddy Pumkin
 Karla's Charlie Brown Pumpkin
 Our family pumpkin
 The 4 pumpkins

 Our family!!!


Friday, October 7, 2011

1st Birthday!

So I finally get to post the pictures for Adrian's First Birthday!!  I posted all the party pictures on facebook, so I won't be posting them here, but I wanted to share these pictures on here.  I still can't believe how fast a year went by, and I can't imagine how quickly all the years will fly by just as fast...Next thing I know, he'll be starting school...then graduating high school...then graduating college and having kids of his own!  Yikes!  But I try to live day to day and soak up as much as I can of each moment because I know these times are precious.  His birthday party was so much fun and I'm so glad so many family members and friends could come and share this special day with him...he sure made out like a bandit, and if you couldn't tell before that a kid lived here, you sure can tell now!! haha 

So our little man has still not decided to walk, although he has taken steps without help.  He is still a little scared of being too far from grabing on to anything, but I know he can do it...I've seen him do it and then he realizes he's walking without touching anything and he'll grab onto whatever is closest.  Soon enough though he'll be doing laps around this place. 

He is now eating big boy foods, and I am so thankful that he will eat anything I put in front of him...it makes transitioning from breast feeding so much easier (in the day that is).  It also makes it less worrysome on my part because I can feed him a balanced meal plan, and not have to worry if he's lacking something in his diet just because he doesn't like something.  We're starting to get into a good routine...now if only he'd sleep through the night and nap without having to be in my arms.  One step at a time :)

So onto the pictures...if you see any that you want, let me know which one and I will gladly make a print for you...grandparents are allowed a couple (let me know what sizes you would like of each choice) :)  Oh and also, they won't have the watermark on them :)  ((Click on the picture for a larger view.))
































Thanks again to Jessica for taking these great pictures for us!  Jessica B Photography