"Every good and perfect gift is from above" ~ James 1:17

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4 Months, 50th Anniversary, San Diego Beach & Zoo

So we're less than 2 weeks from Victor turning 5 months and I'm just getting to this post...please forgive me ;)  We have been super busy and time is escaping us faster than ever before haha  Victor is growing bigger each day and at his 4 month checkup he was 26" tall and 15lbs 14oz!  He is in perfect health and such a sweet, happy boy!  I gave him some "solid" food last week, squash, and he loved it.  He kept smacking his lips together and would try and pull the spoon closer to his mouth when I'd put it in front of him :)  His favorite thing to do is to bounce in his jumperoo.  He is very content when he's in it and even jumps himself to sleep haha Victor loves diaper changes and always has a huge smile on his face every time I change him.  He is starting to want to be held more (as if I don't hold him enough HA!), so the jumperoo is a lifesaver.  He loves being talked to and will usually grin at anyone that tries to start up a conversation with him.  As far as his birthmark goes, I don't feel like it's grown much in the past couple weeks, so hopefully its done expanding as much as it will and will start shrinking soon.  We go to see the specialist in July again and all she's really doing is just monitoring the growth for now.  It's definitely noticeable to everyone now when he wears just regular onesies.  It doesn't bother me when people ask about it, but everyone that does seems a little scared to ask, for fear that it may offend me.  It's just a part of him that is beautiful in its own way and it'll eventually shrink down and look like normal skin...my hope is that it's sooner rather than later just because kids can be unintentionally cruel and I don't want him to be picked on or excluded in any way because of it.  Victor is such a sweet little guy and anyone that's around him (even strangers) will say the same.  He's beginning to have moments of protest where he kind of screeches and squeels at me (probably because his brother yells so much), but he is much more easy going than Adrian was at this age haha. He still is NOT a fan of his car seat though.
Adrian has been teething for the past month+ and ALL of his 2nd molars decided to come in at the same time.  A couple of them still have a little bit of gum left to erupt, so his mouth has been pretty sensitive for weeks now.  Poor thing.  He went to the dentist for the first time a couple weeks ago and the dentist gave him a full bill of health.  No cavities and he was very good for the teeth cleaning.  :)  He's been moodier lately and I'm not sure if that's just a toddler thing or just because his teeth have been bothering him (probably both).  Adrian is quite the busy kid and can literally run for hours.  Hopefully we can get him into soccer within the next year and he'll be able to run all he wants and our house will be able to not look so much like a tornado went through it every day.  He also has his sweet and heart melting moments though and loves to give us all (Victor included) hugs and kisses.  I got him some water shoes the other day for the beach and he said, "You got these for me mommy?  Oh, I like them! Thank you, mommy.  You're such a good mommy." And he gave me a hug.  What a little sweetheart :)  He's a good, big brother and tries his best to calm Victor, when he's fussing, by singing him songs, talking to him or giving him a bunch of hugs.  Victor either loves it and will stop fussing and smile and coo at Adrian, or he'll continue to cry if he's just hungry.  Victor already looks up to his big brother and even laughs at him at times.  I love it!

We went to San Diego this weekend to celebrate my Grandparents 50th Anniversary and it was so much fun! I'm so thankful for both of my grandparents for being great examples to me.  Their love for one another has endured all these years and even through harder times, they persevered and stand strong together today.  I strive to keep our relationship strong in the same way and make the 50 year milestone+ (either years together or marriage) ;) Congrats grandma & grandpa!  Wishing you many more happy years together! We love you!

While in San Diego, we decided to go to the beach and the zoo as well (both firsts for Victor).  Although it was a bit windy and chilly for my liking, we had a good time and most importantly, Adrian had fun :)  It was an all-around good trip and I'm thankful for the time we got spend as a family and with family.

Looking forward to seeing family again this upcoming weekend for Victor's baptism :)  Until then, our love goes out to all of you!