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Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

There were so many Easter pictures I thought that they needed their own blog post or else the other post would have been overloaded haha

So I "hid" easter eggs in the backyard on Saturday so that Adrian could practice egg hunting :)

 He didn't want to put the eggs in the bag at first and tried carrying them all at once...

 Easter morning with his basket

We got to the veteran's home, where the egg hunt was, 7 minutes late and there were no eggs left...they had twice as many kids and half as many eggs this year :(  It was a bummer, but it's okay since he still doesn't really understand anyway...other moms came over and gave him some eggs though because they had "enough" :)

 This was the best picture we got together

 mmm chocolate
 you mean you're actually going to let me eat it?!
 Adrian and his "baba"
 After the veteran's home, we went to the park with Manny's family...big Easter basket from Abuela

 Cheesy grin with the pinwheel
 Playing with tio Mando

 Playing with Cindy
 Adrian and his Abuela


Did you know?!?

Did you know that a growing, exploring, learning, talking, and handsome toddler could make it difficult to keep up on a blog...who knew?! hahaha But it's much better to watch him do all those things rather than constantly being on the computer, wouldn't you say? It does, however, make it a little more difficult and time consuming for me when I actually do get time to write up a blog, because I have to choose from the hundreds of pictures I've taken and select only a "few" to post (I consider a few to be 1-2 pictures PER photo "session") LOL, and then also think of ALL of the accomplishments and milestones he has made over that period of time.

Let's get to it then!

So I last left off at the end of January...wow, time flies right? Well, since then, Adrian has gotten in all of his teeth (which reminds me that I need to write the dates in his baby book still), and he has the most mischevious grin now. I can't help but smile every time he does it! He thinks he is so funny, and I'd have to admit that he is :) His vocabulary has expanded and he now is actually saying "please" rather than just signing it, he can say hi and hello ("ello" is how it sounds, kind of like a brittish kid), he says eat, bubble, eyes, mas/more (he says both), auntie, mommy, baba (Gramma), abuela & abedee (abuelo), shoes, toes, nigh nigh (night night), uh oh, stop it (rude boy haha), Lis (manny's sister), Da (manny's brother Armando...they play a game where they say "da" back and forth to eachother, so thats how Adrian refers to him lol), he says "baby" all the time now (wonder if he's giving us a hint) ;) , he says "throw" either when he throws a ball or is throwing something in the trash, "kick it" for kicing a ball, and I'm sure there are some I forgot, but we'll leave it at that :) ...I counted all the words I can think of and it came to 34 words...not bad :D ...He babbles all the time though, and absolutely loves "chatting it up" with the cashiers at the stores...he must get that from his dad :) It makes my heart proud to see him try and communicate with so many people, and not be so shy like me :)

I am always so amazed at how perceptive kids are to learning and picking up new things all the time. Like since we were at Karla's house helping them paint and clean, Adrian grabs a roller or paint brush (dry, not wet), acts like he is dipping it into the paint tray, and goes over to the wall and starts mimicking like he is painting the wall! Brilliant! When we pulled up to her house yesterday, he quietly says "auntie" and I said "yes, we're at auntie's house," to which he proudly exclaimed "auntie, auntie." Oh, and the other day, we were driving through Boulder City and went by McDonalds, and he said "chicka chicka chicka nuggets"...not sure if that's a good thing he knows that's where they come from though haha

All in all, he is such a wonderful kid, and life is wonderful with him in ours. I don't know what we'd do without him because honestly, our house feels so empty and too quiet the times that he's not there. He is so loving and caring, and loves to make and play with new friends (like Elle, our neighbor girl who is 2...they play so well together and he screams every time I have to take him home, poor little guy). There are still moments that I feel like pulling my hair out because he's at a stage where he doesn't exactly understand consequences (or the 1,2,3 countdown haha), and all he knows is that he wants what he wants, and he'll throw a major temper tantrum if he doesn't get his way (by the way, he doesn't get his way all the time). But that's a part of growing and learning, and I'm sure it'll be much worse when he's a teen, so I try and take everything in stride. ;)

As always, I have "a few" pictures and videos to share, so we can get to those now :)

Adrian loves helping out, and enjoys sweeping
He'd like to help out with cooking too, but I think we'll let him grow a little bigger first haha
 Playing on the slide with his dada

 "crackies" are his favorite snack
 Coolest boy I know
 He loves talking on the phone, and it's near impossible for me to have a conversation with some one anymore without letting him talk too
 Yummy, yogurt nose
 Best dressed 18 month old I know!
 This was before the backyard was done, and he was halping with the rocks...serious business
 All smiles :)
 This is the before shot...
 ...and this is after I made him stand next to the bear to get...
 this before and after shot (below)... ^^^that is why he looks sad in the picture below...I'm not sure why he got so upset
 Cleaning again...standing next to the broom that's standing on it's own
 I sure love his smile :)
 This was the first BBQ dinner on our new grill
 Happy to be outside
 He love the rocks, just like his mommy
 Handsome lil man

 Making a mess like always...I had these books in a box on the back of the couch that I was going to take pictures of and try and sell on ebay...and he decided they needed to be everywhere but the box
 Love him in green
 So cool...
 Mommy's minnie mouse ears
 Wearing dada's shoes
 Snuggling with dada
 Getting ready for the spa...vest is still pretty big lol
Drying out after the spa
 We'll watch him grow right along with the tree over the years
 flip flops
 Best smile
 Such a charmer
 Bath time with his new bubble machine
 So all of those sodas were in the mini fridge, and he decided to take them out one by one and put them on the table
 Phew, last picture...makes me tired too haha

Thanks for stopping by and visiting...hopefully I can try and keep up monthly instead of every 2.5 months so that I'm not having to load like 40 pictures at a time!