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Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

There were so many Easter pictures I thought that they needed their own blog post or else the other post would have been overloaded haha

So I "hid" easter eggs in the backyard on Saturday so that Adrian could practice egg hunting :)

 He didn't want to put the eggs in the bag at first and tried carrying them all at once...

 Easter morning with his basket

We got to the veteran's home, where the egg hunt was, 7 minutes late and there were no eggs left...they had twice as many kids and half as many eggs this year :(  It was a bummer, but it's okay since he still doesn't really understand anyway...other moms came over and gave him some eggs though because they had "enough" :)

 This was the best picture we got together

 mmm chocolate
 you mean you're actually going to let me eat it?!
 Adrian and his "baba"
 After the veteran's home, we went to the park with Manny's family...big Easter basket from Abuela

 Cheesy grin with the pinwheel
 Playing with tio Mando

 Playing with Cindy
 Adrian and his Abuela


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  1. Those are really neat pictures. He is getting so big. I wish we could have been there.