"Every good and perfect gift is from above" ~ James 1:17

Monday, January 28, 2013

39 weeks...1 week til "B-day" (or so we hope)

How far along? 39 weeks!! The finish line is in sight!!
Maternity clothes? My wardrobe these days pretty much consists of my pjs...but even then, my t-shirts are always revealing my belly because he's so low & my belly is so big. I am SO ready for normal clothes!
Weight gain: Last I checked, I have gained 38lbs. Not bad since I'm no bigger now than I was with Adrian at this point. In fact, I think I weigh a lb less :)
Stretch marks? Yep, I can say with certainty that he has definitely left his mark (well multiple marks) on me in addition to his brother's marks.
Sleep: It's okay...I wake every couple hrs to use the restroom, and it's a lot harder to roll out of bed or even walk the 6 steps it takes to get there. The past couple nights I have had some disturbing dreams too :( I'm sure they are just manifestations of my nervousness of being able to handle 2 kids soon, but I wish I didn't have them because now I feel guilt and paranoia, and obviously they're not real, but its hard to get the images out of my mind.
Best moment this week: Well I'd have to say the baby shower was a wonderful gift to me and baby a couple weekends ago & it was nice being able to spend some time and laughs with loved ones!
The bridal show was fun too and gets me excited about all the planning & preparation ahead for our wedding!
Movement? Yes...my little karate kid is still kicking with full force...he is calm 80% of the day, but when he's active, he gets a little crazy sometimes haha I will definitely miss the feeling of hiccups for sure though :)

Cravings? Just sweets still...I CAN'T WAIT to eat sweets without guilt or fear of swelling once he's here LOL

Gender: I have this big fear that the ultrasound tech could have been wrong. If I were to deliver a girl, it would be quite a shock but we'd still be thrilled. We just have so much personalized stuff for our little man and our thoughts revolve around life with two boys, I can't imagine life without this boy I have pictured in my mind. Probably just normal pre-delivery jitters, but I still find myself hoping that the tech wasn't wrong LOL

Labor Signs: I actually had some spotting a couple weeks ago at 36 weeks and it made me nervous that I would possibly deliver early. We're pretty sure it was just due to me over doing it with vacuuming and a sensitive cervix because I haven't had any signs like that since then. I think a week after that happened, I did have contractions that were consistent but not painful but once I had two big glasses of water and laid back down again, they stopped, so I just needed fluids obviously.
I'm ready any day now to begin having those contractions that don't stop, but I'll just have to be patient and know that he will come when HE'S ready, not when I am.

Belly Button in or out? Out haha it's barely anything, but it's still out :)

Rings on or off? Off...they're just too tight now...I can still put them on, but I'd rather not have to use soap to get them off haha

What I miss: Normal clothes. I know that I'll continue to live in my PJs for the first week or two once baby is born, but at least I'll be able to fit in them without having the bottom of my belly being exposed. I also miss sleeping on my stomach, or even just comfortably for that matter.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting our new little man. I have completed many projects and things around the house trying to keep me preoccupied when I'm not chasing after Adrian and it keeps me busy while I'm doing it, but the idea of planning these things was that I wouldn't be able to get to all of them. Fortunately I've been able to complete these projects so I don't have to stress about them not being done, but now I'm still here just waiting and hoping I'll go into labor LOL

Weekly Wisdom: I suppose the past 2 weeks or so have just been about patience and accepting that babies come on their own time, not when we think they should. I don't know why I had this idea in my head that because he's my second that he would come early, but I need to get that out of my head right now! I remember when I was pregnant with Adrian, I had accepted very early on in pregnancy that he may very well be born 2 weeks late and I was content with that. I feel selfish the times that I feel like I just want to be done because it's not in his best interest. Yes, I may be in pain and uncomfortable, but he obviously has more growth and development to do inside the womb or else he'd be out already. I thank God for my two healthy pregnancies and the fact that I do not have to go through the struggles that may come with a pre-mature baby. I believe that my baby will be just as healthy as his brother and will be perfectly and wonderfully made. I am not nervous about taking care of another baby because I feel prepared from Adrian. I am nervous about the transition of going from one to two kids and how well Adrian will adjust to life with a baby. I know that we will do our best and that's all we can do.
I seriously can't wait to meet our baby already! tick tock tick tock...
Milestone: Not a milestone that I like having, but like clockwork like when I was pregnant with Adrian, my feet and ankles are pretty swollen and my blood pressure is a bit higher than normal (no headaches or facial swelling or anything of that nature). Nothing that's super concerning, but just means that I need to spend less time on my feet again...I was really enjoying getting housework done again, but looks like I'll be taking it easy until baby arrives. The week before Adrian was born, this is what happened as well so it makes me very hopeful that he'll be here around his due date and not much later than that! Yay!! Mom's vacation starts on the 31st, so maybe we'll have to go get pedicures (Adrian was born on a Thurs...the Tuesday before, my mom had given me a nice foot massage making sure to press "labor inducing" reflex points...a nice pedicure and foot massage sounds great for my swollen feet and if it just happens to help me go into labor too that would be awesome haha).
That's it for now...here's me today and I'm sure the next time I write here it'll be to share the story of our precious son's birth :) Hooray!


Comparison of the beginning and "the end" :)

Here's a pic I took yesterday just out of curiosity...on a birth board I am a member of online, another mom had described herself as looking like a "busted can of biscuits" in her bikini compared to before pregnancy ha ha ha!   She posted her pictures (she didn't look bad at all) and challenged everyone to post their pics if they dared...so I did LOL