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Thursday, June 10, 2010

24 Weeks and counting!

So I went and saw Margie yesterday, and Karla got to come with this time.  I think it was exciting for her to hear his heartbeat because she had a big grin on her face :)  I am measuring bigger than average still...29cm this time...but I have been growing consistently at the same rate, so that is good :)  His heartrate was 141 this time. 

He gets more and more active each day...and I love it!  I know that he is doing well, and I am looking forward to the next ultrasound on the 29th.  I just know in my heart that everything will be okay, so I'm getting excited to see how much he's grown in these past couple of weeks.

I am also looking forward to having a little photoshoot to capture this wonderful time...a friend of mine has requested to take some photographs...this will be her first time taking pictures of a pregnant woman, but she does excellent work, and I love being a guinnea pig for her lol...I am a Callison girl so being in front of the camera is pretty much second nature at this point lol...Karla is going to do my makeup for me, so I will be all glamed up :)  Now I just need to shop for a couple of outfits ;)

Other than that, Manny and I have been trying to walk at least a mile or so each day or every other day...we have to do it at night now since it's so hot out!!  Summer is here :)

Here are some pics from last weekend...enjoy! :)

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