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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pictures...13weeks3days & 13weeks5days

So here is the ultrasound from my appointment last Thursday with the urologist.  The right picture at the top is the baby...the big circle far right is the baby's head, and the two bright spots to the left of the head are baby's hands.  Obviously it's not the greatest picture of the baby because they were focused on gettng the picture of the bladder, but I still love the picture, and the baby looks more like a baby than the last ultrasound I got :) 
This is me at 13 weeks 5 days.  This was after the concert that me and our friend Amber took Karla to for her birthday!  Still small, but slowly growing...I think I've gained at least 5 lbs now...I never thought gaining weight would be hard, but I am trying...to be on target, the midwife said I should gain a pound a week, so since my appointment with her, I think I've done that, so I'm on the right track...I know when baby starts really growing that it won't be hard to get those extra pounds on :)

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