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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Midwife Appt & scheduled baby's big gender debut!

So today was a pretty good day! I had my midwife appt today, and Manny couldn’t make it, but fortunately mom didn’t have to work until 1pm today, so she got to go instead. Worked out great! It was a good visit…baby is doing just fine…measuring right where (s)he should be…heart beat sounded strong…150 bpm this time.

Last night I swear that I felt the baby kick twice, and both times happened to be when Manny came into the bedroom and started talking…baby must love him already :) He doesn’t believe me that I felt it, and I may have been feeling something else, but I don’t think so…I think it was baby…either that or I am going crazy lol

The next great thing was that Margie (midwife) gave me the information for the perinatologist that she works with so that I could schedule the BIG ultrasound!!!! So of course I called as soon as I could this afternoon, and it is scheduled for April 27th at 8am!! I am so excited, and hopefully baby cooperates because I would hate to have to go back for a second one. Margie says that he is a great doctor and they have very great ultrasound machines, so I am hoping for a very clear picture…he will also do all of the measurements and all the other checks to make sure baby is healthy too. Of course I am excited about finding out the gender, but having a good bill of health was just as important…if not more important :) (I had the choice of an ultrasound technician that comes into her office because she has an ultrasound machine, but he charges $125 and she said the clarity of her machine isn’t as great as the doctor’s office…but I wanted to go to the doctor because 1) he takes my insurance (saving money) and 2) because I wanted more than just a gender check…I wanted a check on the health of the baby as well)

So so so excited!! I haven’t discussed this with Manny yet, but I’m not going to give him a choice lol, and I am going to throw a little dinner for our parents at our house…I am going to bake a cake and the inside will be either blue or pink, and the outside will be decorated to where you can’t tell the color inside. After dinner, we will cut the cake, and everyone will find out together what we’re having…for our family far away, I will send a text picture right away so they will know too.

After that, I will post a picture here for the rest of the world to see PINK or BLUE!!

Until next time...here's an update picture...16 weeks and counting...24 weeks to go!

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  1. And when you say you are 'In Love' you just don't know.... You have a love inside of you that just appears (so it seems) and it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

    Grama (hehehe Anne) will feel this 'different' love too. I just can't explain it... but you will know what I mean.

    I love you both.