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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Went to the Urologist and got to see the baby!!!

So I have a bladder condition called interstitial cystitis...this morning I went in for a cystoscopy which they stick a camera up through the utethra and into your bladder. They look around to make sure everything is okay, looking for stones or abnormalities, etc. Well the doctor was looking around, and then said "has your OB ever mentioned anything to you about fibroids?" And I said "no", and he said, well there's something pushing up against your bladder right here, and he showed me, and I said "well, I'm pregnant" (It's in my chart by the way) He said "Oh! Well that will do it! :) Well here's your baby from the inside of your bladder then" LOL

After that was done, they needed to do an ultrasound on the bladder to make sure it emptied all the water they had filled it up with. The tech said that the ultrasound machine in the other room was a little better because they were having a problem getting to the bladder because the uterus was sitting right on top...so we got to see the baby moving & punching...it was SOOO cool!! At first she said that she could see the heartbeat and everything, but the monitor was facing away from me...so when she moved the screen around, she couldn't get the right angle again, but the baby was punching when even she got near LOL They finally got the measurements on the bladder, and then the tech gave me a picture just for fun :) The picture just shows the top of the baby's head and you can see the hands, but I still love it!  I'll scan it and post it when I get home.

When I was wating for the consult afterwards with the doctor, I heard all the girls in the hall talking about how cool it was to see the baby, and how one of them was planning on getting pregnant LOL When ever I've gone in, it's always just older people in there, so I'm sure they don't get to see things like that often...Glad my baby could make their day! I know it made mine...I even teared up again...I just can't get enough of seeing the baby growing and doing well! 

I guess that makes the wait until May a little easier for our next ultrasound...that's when we'll be able to find out the gender!  woo hoo, I can't wait!

Oh and since this wasn't a baby Dr. visit, I also have to say that things look good with my bladder from the inside...no abnormalities or stones or anything...my bladder is emptying completely, so that is great...he said as far as the pain and urgency/frequency goes, the meds they would prescribe, I can't take right now...but I can follow up with him after the baby is born.  So that was really good to hear that nothing major is going on, and because I am more aware of my condition, I make sure to drink plenty of water each day so that I don't end up getting UTIs frequently.

So that's my story for the day!  Thanks for reading...and I will make sure to post the picture soon!

P.S. I am sooo excited for Karla and Diego to be coming home for the weekend today too!!  What a great day!  (except for the passing of my crazy fish Blusclus who died by suicide last night) poor thing, he'll be missed

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