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Saturday, May 28, 2011

8 Months Old!!! a little late :)

Another month has flown by too fast yet again!!  Adrian is growing big and is on the move these days...from the time he wakes until he sleeps, he is constantly doing something and getting into all sorts of things.  Teething has been a battle lately though.  His bottom teeth were a piece of cake...I rarely had to give him anything for pain, but this top tooth thats coming in now has been a real pain in the mouth for him.  Around 6 months, he stopped crying in the car and would play with his toys, but lately he's gone back to crying in the car about half of the time we take a trip to the store or whereever it is we're going.

Adrian is 18 lbs now and he is super strong...he says dada, so now we're working on mama lol  He is a momma's boy through and through, but is doing much better at being held by more people than just me...he better get used to it haha :)  Tonight he started making a clapping gesture with his hands (one hand open, the other still in a fist...still a work in progress), and even though he can pretty much get anywhere he wants by scooting around, he has been taking more and more actually crawling steps each day (makes me so proud, and yet scared too haha) His smile lights up my world and I cherish every little giggle I can...It really is true that a parent can't express how much they love their children...I can't even begin to say how much I love my little man.  He is perfect in every way!

Underneath the changing table
 First time to Chuck E. Cheese!!!

 Learning to pull himself up to a standing position!  Yikes! :)
 Too cute for words!
 8 Months Old!!!


 Gradee & Adrian!!

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