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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello there! It's been awhile...

So much has happened in a month's time, and these days just seem to fly by faster and faster.  Adrian is now FOUR months old!  Sometimes it seems that he has been here with us longer though :)  I remember just a year ago we were announcing that he was growing inside me, and now he's four months old and he's a strong, healthy, and handsome little man.  Well because I pretty much take a picture of him daily and take videos of him often, I will update you on his growth with pictures :)  Here we go!

Adrian was 3 days old here...and as you can see in the next picture, he has grown to be much bigger than his blue Teddy :)  

This was his first outing, he was probably 4 days old or so...and below was yesterday...I think we may need a new car seat in the near future :)

One of his favorite things now is getting naked...or at least getting undressed...when I change his clothes, he gives a little giggle after the top is pulled over his head

I just love his little feet

He smiles!!!  In the beginning I thought that we'd never get to the day when he'd smile...I felt that I would just have a fussy baby forever lol

Oh and teething has definitely started...daddy's thumb is much better than any teething toy (or so he thinks for now)
And his hands are always in his mouth...

He loves his bath time and likes to kick and splash in the tub

We've started him on some cereal because he seemed to have an insatiable appetite

He met his Bisabuelo Luis (great grandpa) for the first time on New Years.

I have started to put him to sleep by himself in the playpen bassinet by our bed, but I still have a little ways to go before I can let go and just start putting him in his own room in his crib ;)

Our baby boy is growing too fast...4 months old...

All ready for his close-up for his 4 month photos...he did awesome! He smiled and flirted with the photographer so we were able to get a bunch of great shots:)

Adrian loves his daddy and always gives him a big smile when he comes home...I look forward to the day he runs up to Manny to give him a big hug :)

And lastly, Adrian is becoming quite the momma's boy, and is starting to get picky about who holds him...I didn't know it could start so early, but it has I'm afraid

This was back at the beginning of December...Adrian rolled over for the first time :) Now I think he may roll over from back to front soon :)

Adrian loves playing with his friend Gradee...

...and as you will see, talking to her too!

I love my life as a mommy!  Manny and I are doing better than ever before and I can honestly say that both of us feel that our love for one another has gown exponentially, especially over the last year.  He is my best friend and such a wonderful dad to Adrian...we are so very blessed :)

I will post about our new home soon, but until then, we send you our love...

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