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Friday, September 3, 2010

Saving the best for last ;) Just kidding :)

I'm the last of the bunch!!  All babies of friends and family are born...now it's getting close to my turn...finally!!!

How far along: 36 weeks 4 days today (going by 9/27 edd)

Weight gain: 42 :(  I hope it stops soon! lol Oh how I can't wait to get into my running shoes again!

Stretch marks: A couple...but nothing huge, and hopefully easily covered up later

Symptoms: tired most of the time from lack of sleep, cankles (lol), nervousness and excitement about actually counting down the DAYS instead of months, I'm pretty emotional and pretty much anything can make me cry...oh and indigestion the burning sensation never really goes away, for the most part it's not bad, but if I lay down soon after eating, I definately pay for it!  Aches & pains and waddling.

Sleep: Not too good any more...I actually can sleep in on the weekends, which just shows me that I'm not getting good enough rest during the night...but that won't be changing anytime soon, so I just see it as preparation for what's to come :)

Best Moment this Week: Two new babies into the family!!!     Adrian is still moving around like crazy, which I still cannot get enough of, even if it hurts...and I realized once again that I am actually going to be bringing a human being into the world and what a miracle and a blessing it really is!

Food Cravings: Nothing...sorry, still boring!

Labor Signs: Contractions more frequently now, but still nothing that progresses anywhere...still just practicing I guess!

Belly Button in or out?: flat...is that an option?...it's not in anymore, but I wouldn't consider it out either lol

Rings on or off?: Ring still on, but getting tighter...I considered not puting it back on again this morning, but after getting ready for work, the ring slid on just fine again

Movement: He moves side to side, and it's pretty painful now...the worst is when he gets under my ribs though...I get heartburn and it's hard to breathe all at the same time

Milestones: It's SEPTEMBER!!!  He is due this month!!!  24 days according to my pregnancy journal...but everyone is thinking (and some hoping) it will be sooner than that.

Thanks for taking the time to read...hopefully I'll be updating within the next 2 weeks about bringing little Adrian into the world.

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