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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Fun!!

Picture overload warning!!!

We had so much fun the other night carving pumpkins...but Adrian was even LESS interested in touching the pumpkin guts this year and refused to do it. haha  He did eventually think that it was okay to sit on our laps while we carved pumpkins though...and he thought they looked so cool when they were done :)

Me and two of my pumpkins :)

Carving away!!

Pulling out the guts

Adrian decided it was okay to help me

 Adrian helping out Tita

And Teddy thought he needed to help too :)
Aunt Tina's "Tita" Pumpkin

I just like my bump in this pic hehe

Adrian and the pumkins

 Zappos shoes by karla, rainbow/hearts/cat face by John & Elmo & Thomas by yours truly

Adrian loved the Elmo and Thomas I carved for him (Thomas was a lot more work than I expected).  He was able to tell right away who each character was, so that must mean I did a good job haha
I am excited for the day that he'll want to join in and help pull the guts and try and carve his own pumpkin...he is so funny about his hands being dirty though, so it may be awhile before that happens haha
Thanks everyone for joining us to carve...I think this is a fun tradition that we've started :)

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