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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

24 Weeks!! Growing right along!

How far along? 24 weeks & 1 day!!!  Time is FLYING!!! 16 weeks until we meet our lil man!

Maternity clothes? Yep, I'm officially wearing "maternity pants."  Fortunately I have a bunch of flowy shirts that I am able to wear normally and during pregnancy, but my normal pants just do not fit anymore. I think my days of dress wearing are coming to an end since it's actually cooling down now!

Stretch marks? I think I got 1 new one below my belly button because that area itched for several days...it is less than the width of my finger nail though.

Sleep: I am actually sleeping pretty well these days...I only usually get up once a night and fall right back to sleep! yay!  But occassionally still have those very strange pregnancy dreams haha

Best moment this week: Hearing our little guy's heartbeat last week at my pre-natal appointment, and I think we finally decided on a name today!  We've been going back and forth between two names for the past 3 weeks, but I think it's settled now.  Manny has this thing about me not posting stuff like that on facebook or here, (and I respect his wishes because he is Manny's baby too)  So if you want to know, just ask me and I will share (but I'd request that his name not be announced by anyone I share it with either) :) 
Another great moment was something I already posted about on Facebook, but was so so sweet:  The other morning I had lifted my shirt up a bit to feel my stomach because it was really hard when I got out of bed...I figured that he had made himself really comfortable scrunched up as low as possible...then Adrian walks over to me and places his hand on my belly, then says, "Hi baby! Hi baby! Hi brother!"  Then I guess he decided he was done with that and pulled down my shirt and said "Bye brother!"  Love him to pieces!! :)  Adrian can also tell you what his brother's name is too now :)

Movement?  I feel him moving every day now!  He is so much more calm than Adrian was and even though his kicks are getting stronger, they are sweet little jabs.  Since I have an anterior placenta, I mainly feel the jabs either low down or high up (& high up is a recent development).  We'll see how he is once he's up in my ribs, but for now I am enjoying his sweet little kicks :)

Cravings?  Sweets, but nothing satisfies my craving, so I avoid having sweets in the house or else I'd probably be eating junk all day long haha  Like sour gummy worms...I could eat those all day long

Gender: Boy oh boy!

Labor Signs:  None, but my belly has gotten hard a couple of times lately, so that could have been a braxton hicks contraction, which is completely normal.  And it was only once, so my body is just "practicing" for now :)  Or else I think it was just him snuggling all the way down haha

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but is getting closer to going out.

Rings on or off? On.  I read something the other day that cucumbers help a lot with swelling and edema, so I've been trying to incorporate them into some meals during the week because swollen feet are so uncomfortable and I want to try and avoid them as long as possible!

What I miss:  I don't want to sound like I am complaining because pregnancy is such a blessing and I do not take it for granted one bit!  I do miss being able to fit into my regular clothes however.  I feel like I just look frumpy all the time and I feel like I'm stuck in a rut...I love my growing belly and I think that pregnant women are beautiful.  I just wish that I could buy a whole new wardrobe to make me feel as beautiful as I think my belly is, but that's a waste of money since I'll be back to normal in 4-5 months or so.

What I am looking forward to:  Having Karla take some maternity pictures in a couple weeks...I think I'll wait until around 32 weeks this time.  I am also looking forward to having baby's room all the way painted since Manny finished putting up the chair rail and now just has paint left to do :)  Then we can put in a crib and I can put up decorations too!!

Weekly Wisdom:  I learned a little about pre-partum blues from a Ricki Lake show that was on a couple weeks ago.  I've been feeling down for a lot of this pregnancy, and I didn't know why I could feel so sad when I am so excited about having our second blessing to complete our family.  I learned that I am not alone and that there are other women who go through the same thing, but it is so taboo to talk about it because no one would probably understand how you could be sad and they would think you're just being ungrateful. 
Having your second pregnancy is so much harder than the first because people see it as "you've been there, done that" so there's not really many people calling, texting or messaging you about how you're feeling, if there's anything you need, is there anything they can help with, any advice they can give, baby shower plans, etc.  There just isn't a feeling of excitement from others like when you're going through your first pregnancy...at least that's how it's been for me (and I've had others tell me the same).  I've tried to keep my mind from wandering to these negative thoughts by keeping myself busy with crafts and things for Adrian and the baby, but I have such a long list of things to do and things to get that it reminds me that I'm kind of doing this alone this time.  Yes I may be having another boy, but that doesn't mean that I have everything I need and that I'm all set for when he comes...I don't want him to wear every single thing that Adrian wore because he's his own person and deserves new clothes too...if I was having a girl, she certainly wouldn't be wearing Adrian's old clothes, so what makes it any different?  Sorry for the rant.  I just honestly can't wait until our little baby gets here because all of these things I dwell on now will be in the past and I won't have to feel sad about it anymore (plus I won't have the crazy pregnancy hormones making me...well...crazy) :)

Milestone:  Baby is most likely over 1 lb now and growing like crazy...this is the time when they start plumping up with fat :D  4 more weeks until the 3rd trimester!!!  Getting closer and closer!!

I never posted a video from the gender reveal, so I'll do that now (well, 2 from different viewpoints)...and also add some cute pics of big brother too!! :)
Adrian and I took these pictures after we found out the gender, so I was 21 weeks here


These pics were just for fun the other day because I thought he looked too handsome :)  He wanted to be more goofy than pose for me though haha



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