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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ultrasound: Baby Pena #2s debut!

Just want to say before I get started that you will not see any gender pictures here, so don't get your hopes up lol

Anyway, the ultrasound went great and baby is perfect as can be!  Such a relief to not get scary news like we did with Adrian!  Although I haven't felt a lot of movement like I did with Adrian, this baby was on the move!!  I think the pressing of the ultrasound wand made baby pissed off because he/she was moving everywhere, flipping in circles and kept turning his/her back towards the screen LOL  oh and then the kicks too like stop it, leave me alone! I was sleeping just fine in here! haha

Measurements were all great and the estimated due date the computer projected was Feb 5th, so looks like we were almost on the money with the date...but of course they are still estimated dates and doesn't mean baby couldn't come sooner or later.  Heart, stomach, bladder & umbilical cord all look good, so we couldn't be more pleased :)  Baby's estimated weight right now is 362 grams which is almost 13 ounces, not quite a lb yet :)  Also, baby was head down at the moment (good baby, stay that way) but with all the flipping that we saw on the ultrasound that could change several times I'm sure between now and birth day!  I'll be praying toward the end that baby stays head down and that we don't have to try crazy acrobatics to flip him/her LOL

When it came time for the gender determination, we closed our eyes while the tech fought with the baby to get a picture...he said that it was not hard to see what baby was (I took that as girl, manny took that as boy lol), but getting the picture was difficult because baby would not stay still and kept flipping away from him LOL  He finally got the picture though and put in into a paper bag for me which I put in a box in the car trunk 1) so that it wouldn't get smooshed, and 2) so that Manny wouldn't be tempted to peek in the bag while I was driving haha

I was so anxious for the ultrasound itself because I just wanted to hear everything is okay and now that we've heard that our baby is perfect and healthy, I am SO SO SO excited to find out "mystery baby's" (as the tech referred to him/her) gender!  I wonder if these next 2.5 days will fly by or go really slow now? :)

So as the title of this post says, making his/her debut, I introduce our little baby Pena #2 :)

Baby's profile
 Baby's face
 Baby's leg
 Baby's arm & top of head
 Baby's spine
 Another profile pic (though not as good as the first)
Come back this weekend for the gender reveal! :)

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