"Every good and perfect gift is from above" ~ James 1:17

Friday, September 21, 2012

Adrian's big boy haircut!

Adrian got his big boy haircut yesterday and he did so good!  It helps that there were buttons to push and a tv to watch while he got it done too.  Our little boy is growing up so fast and will be 2 in 2 days!! And this haircut just makes him look even more grown up...Not going to lie, I shed a few tears yesterday as his beautiful little curls were cut off by the trimmer...it was just a moment where I saw him being transformed before my eyes from my little baby to my little toddler and I couldn't help but just want to hold onto his "babyness" just a little longer.  I'm glad we had it done though and he is as handsome as can be and is ready for his 2nd birthday party tomorrow :)

 This (below) is the point when tears started to come from my eyes...no turning back from here!

 Such a big boy!  And so good!
 hehehehe tickle, tickle, tickle

 Proud moment for Dadda! :)

 All done and SO handsome!!!! Such a great little kid!
 All that hair...gone...
 What do little boys get for being good?  A balloon of course!!

 And a sucker too!  Love this little guy!

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