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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

4 weeks tomorrow!?! :)

So I cannot believe that Adrian will be 4 weeks already tomorrow.  It seems like just yesterday we were looking at our little newborn, amazed that he was finally here :)  He is such a good baby, and although I do get frustrated sometimes when he decides to wake up at 4am and stay up for 2.5 hours, I honestly couldn't imagine life without him now.  It is amazing how quickly you can fall in love with and want to dedicate your entire life to making sure that this little person is well taken care of and happy, and to just give them the world.

Adrian is so lucky to have family that loves him very much.  He has finally gotten to meet each of his grandparents, and it is so special to see each grandma and grandpa hold and talk or sing to him.  I hope that he will have a great relationship with each one of them as he grows up.

Friday is his 4 week appointment, and I am looking forward to seeing how much he's grown again in these 2 weeks.  He is definately getting bigger and heavier...I can't say it enough that it's crazy how fast they grow.  I am enjoying every moment I can while he's this little, but am looking forward to watching him grow up too :)

This past weekend was fun having Grandma nita and Papa Ken come down to visit, and hopefully we can get up there soon to visit some more :)  Annitta took some family pictures for us and I am so excited to see the finished products...I will be hanging them as soon as the paint dries in the new house when we move in in November :)  I will share them on here too once we get them back :)

I should probably keep up with this blog a little better, but I am still on Adrian's schedule and keeping busy with him.  Will do my best though :)
Until next time...

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