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Monday, February 22, 2010

9 weeks today!

So today I am 9 weeks, and I am starting to feel better from this cold that just won't go away!  I've had this cough for over a week now, and it really stinks!  Other than that, I got what I wished for and morning sickness started about a week before I got sick.  I get nauseous if I don't eat, and then if I try to eat anything other than fruits and vegetables, I just feel sick.  Oh the joys!  I haven't posted any more pictures, 1) because I've not been feeling well and that probably would have translated in the pictures lol and 2) because I don't feel like I've changed all that much from the picture I posted earlier. 

With this cold, and nausea, it's been hard to eat properly...I force myself because I know it is not good for baby, but there's only so much you can force yourself :(  So I haven't really gained any weight yet, and my pants all fit pretty much the same.  I know that I am going to regret saying this later (like I did with the morning sickness), but I wish I was showing more by now!  I don't want a big baby, but I have looked at pictures people have posted on babycenter.com and they look huge!  I don't want to be that big, bu showing a little would be nice :)  Anyway, that day will come soon enough I'm sure :)

One more thing, I found this neat website where you all can participate in it...it's a guessing game on when you think baby will be born, weight, length, & sex.  It's just a fun little game to see what everyone thinks  :)  Here's the link below, and feel free to join in the poll.  Once the baby arrives, I'll post on here who the winner is :)


Love you all!

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