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Friday, March 8, 2013

Tell me it isn't so...1 month already!!! *Picture overload*

Our little baby boy is one month old today (Mar. 7)! Unbelieveable!  It seems like just the other day he arrived!  He is such a sweet baby and he is growing very well!  I don't know his official weight & length yet because his checkup is on Monday, but when I weighed him on our scale the other day, he was a little over 8 lbs!  We can definitely tell the difference because he feels heavier and his body is filling out now instead of being just a skinny mini :)  He still sleeps pretty well at night, but the past 2 weeks or so his tummy has been bothering him, so he makes me sit on my exercise ball and bounce him to sleep.  The other night he was awake for 2.5 hrs straight before he fell asleep (and just bouncing in bed is not satisfactory and he'll cry because he prefers to be upright).  Last night was a long night as well because he strains to poop, but not much has come out since yesterday morning, so he was/is pretty uncomfortable when he's not sleeping.  I was remembering this morning that the exact thing happened with Adrian when we went to Oregon when he was a month old.  I was so worried about the lack of poop and the increased fussiness, and then on Halloween he officially christened me into motherhood and literally exploded all over me.  After that, he was fine :)  So, I expect and hope that Victor has a great big poop soon to relieve the gas & stomach pain, but I hope the explosion stays confined to his diaper haha (Update: this was written in the morning of 3/7 and by the evening, he made a very big poop [that remained in his diaper] and he seemed so much more comfortable after that...he didn't give me too much trouble going to bed woo hoo...but he wanted to be awake very early this morning)
We finally got his ultrasound for his spine scheduled for Wednesday, so we pray that we only hear great news and then I can finally relax and not be so worried. *For those reading that may not know, Victor has a closed hole in his skin at the bottom of his spine, and we are getting the ultrasound to make sure that all things are attached as they should be and that nothing is irregular besides the hole in the skin.  Because his legs work just fine and he is having normal bowel movements and peeing just fine, we are optimistic that everything is fine, but the reassurance from the ultrasound will definitely bring us peace of mind :)

Adrian is such a good brother and will ask where Victor is if he doesn't see him.  He asks to give him hugs and kisses too.  He is generally a good helper and follows directions pretty well, but he has his stubborn times and has been doing time out more often than before (sometimes by his request...I guess he knows when he needs a break).  Hopefully with the weather getting nicer we can get outside more and he can get rid of all that energy that I think being inside has pent up inside him.
I think we're all transitioning pretty well into life as a family of four, and I look forward to watching my boys grow up together.  I'm still working on getting into some routine, so I've been bad at phone calls, but feel free to call after 9 and I'm sure to answer :)  (In fact, I'd love to chat to loved ones)

Watch me grow! 1 month old!
Here's a comparison pic :)
Our little men

In addition to his strawberry birthmark on his neck,
our baby boy has another unique feature:
a two-toned tummy! :)
I think the lighter part is a normal birthmark
Handsome little Adrian, as of last week, has gotten in two more teeth!!
His last bottom 2 molars came in!
Dreamy smiles
Teddy thinks he's okay too ;)
All clean!!
Not sure if he'll be a true thumb sucker, but he finds it every so often :)
In the words of Mickey Mouse, "Thanks for stoppin' by!"

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